Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quilt Along: Step # 5 & 6

Step 5
Sew your stack of C pieces, there should be 20, sew them on to your existing block. Mine is
the blue with large flower prints on it.
Step 6
For some reason I forget to get a picture of this step but it is really simple. Take your last stack of pieces, these should be D and the longest pieces. Sew them on the block to finish it off and create a square. You are done with your blocks!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quilt Along: Step # 4

Here is our next step everyone. We are adding one more piece to our blocks. In the block below it is the green strip. The important part about this step is to sew each piece in the same exact way. Make sure that when you sew it on the botton all three A pieces are horizontal and the one vertical piece is on the right side. Make sure to do this the same on everyone.

Enjoy, I hope you like going at your own pace. Also feel free to send me pictures as you go, I would love to see how they are looking.
Happy Quilting everyone!

Quilt Along: Step # 3

Because it has been WAY longer than a week from now on I will post the rest of the of the posts in steps. Also because it has been so long I will post smaller and easier steps and you can do as much or as little as you have time for that day.
So for this step you will take your 20 blocks you have sews so far. They should be made of 3 A pieces and pressed nicely.

Now you will take the next 20 A pieces you have set aside. If you look back to the last post you will see the block pattern. You will be sewing the A pieces on to your small blocks like shown. Make sure to press. When done with this step your blocks will look like this.

Happy Quilting

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Running Behind

I'm so sorry that I have not been good about keeping up with our wonderful quilt along. With a week long trip to hawaii (where I got some amazing fabric by the way) and moving and starting college, it has been close to impossible to keep up to date with the blog. I hope to bring my sewing machine down to college next week and then we'll be back on track. Until then enjoy your break and the end of your great summer!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilt Along {week 2}

I'm so very sorry that it has been more than just a week, but look on the good side you've had more time to cut out your fabric. Now we can get into the fun stuff.

This quilt is made up of 20 blocks each block looks like this...
This week we will be sewing just the highlighted part below.

We will only be using A pieces this week. You can set aside your B, C, and D pieces until next week. You also won't be using all of your A pieces, you will only use 60 the other 20 will also be set aside for next week.

Take 3 A pieces. Sew together using a 1/4'' seem allowence. Use the image above for your guide on how to sew these 3 pieces. It should end up looking like this.

Press your seems toward the darker color. Now repeat this until you have 20 small squares, each made with 3 different A pieces.

You are done for this week,

Happy quilting!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Quilt Along {week 1}

I hope you all have picked out your fabric and love it as much as I love mine. Next step: cutting.
I'm not going to lie cutting these pieces out is not the quickest or easiest task but I'll try to help and make my instructions as easy as possible.
Everyone take out your cutting supplies and get ready to cut!
Before we start take your backing fabric, Border #1, and Border #3 fabrics and set them aside we won't be using these fabrics for a while.

Take your 8 pieces measuring 3/8 yard and cut strips that are 2-1/2 inches by the length of the fabric, should be close to 45''. You should get 5 strips out of each fabric piece. 40 pieces total.

Step #2
Take your pile of 40 fabric strips and separate them into 2 piles of 20. Make sure you have a good mixture of different fabrics in each pile.

Step #3
For this quilt you will need 4 different size pieces.
A: 2-1/2'' x 6-1/2''
B: 2-1/2'' x 8-1/2''
C: 2-1/2'' x 8-1/2''
D: 2-1/2'' x 10-1/2''
From the first 20 strips start cutting one of each size piece, one A, B, C, and D out of each stirp.

Now with the next 20 strips cut one B and C, and 3 A's from each strip

Again set your scraps aside we will need them later.

Thats it! Not to bad for the first week! Have fun cutting and check back soon for our first week of sewing!!!!
Happy Quilting!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Quilt Along

I can't stop thinking about it so I guess I'll blog about it!

I'm so excited to start this quilt along. I've been reading a blog that is doing a quilt along and it looks like so much fun to get a group together and become connected through quilting.

The quilt below is the quilt I have picked for our Quilt Along. Its a fairly simple quilt. Easy enough for a first quilt but still will give you a little bit of a challenge, which is always a good thing. A little challenge will only teach you more.

The finished quilt will be 55 1/2'' x 65''. I think it is the perfect size for just relaxing on the couch or tucking a little one into bed with.

Now for buying the fabric. For this quilt you will need...

3/8 yard of 8 different fabrics (this is for the center of the quilt, have fun with this part and make sure you get matching fabrics that you love)

3/8 yard for border #1 (I just bought one of the same fabrics that is in the center of my quilt. I suggest you buy a fabric with a small print for this border.)

1-2/3 yards for border #3 (I again bought one of the same fabrics that is in the center of my quilt but if you can find another fabric to match you might like the different pattern. This might be a fun border to try something with a bigger print but really it doesn't matter.)

1/2 yard for binding (I haven't bought mine yet but this should too have a small print on it.)

3-3/4 yards for backing (This is also another time to try a big print. I can guarantee that you will love your quilt so much more if you do have a large print on the back. It just adds so much to the quilt.)

Note:This is a jelly roll friendly pattern, it is a lot more money that way, but if you would like to use a jelly roll leave me a comment and I'll give you those instructions.

Have fun picking out your fabrics, make sure to take your time and get fabric that you love, that way you will love to sew all the pieces together.

Check back soon for "Week 1-Cutting"!!

Happy quilting!!

It's been a while

It has been a long time since my last post. My goal for this next week is to catch up with all the projects I have been busy with. Can't wait to show them all off!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I love craft blogs

Craft blogs are my new favorite thing. They are so much fun to look at. This one is my favorite so far. I only wish I had a fabric collection like her.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gem Fair!

I have never seen so much sparkle in my entire life. The first table of crystals i saw was totally shocking. I could not believe my eyes. I think I had even more fun watching Debbie go crazy over everything we saw. Thanks Debbie for that fun experience. It was also fun negotiating for cheap beads. I'm quite proud of myself I got about 25 huge pieces of silver beads for 7 dollars. I was so excited! My favorite thing though was my crystal and pearl "sister" bracelet. I can't wait to get beading with Debbie!! Here are a few pictures of the sparkle we experienced even though you still can't get the whole effect of it.

Glade didn't have quite as much fun as me and Debbie did.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Simple

I made this flower in about 5 minutes. It was so simple and it turned out very cute. If you have a little extra fabric hanging around you can make this in just a few minutes.
Here is where I got the idea...

I'm in Love...

...with this quilt. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined. It was extremely fun to make and pretty easy too. I don't think I have ever sewn anything this fast either, it only took three days but it did take every minute I wasn't busy. I am hoping to start another one but with lighter pinks and the same patterns of brown. If anyone is interested in buying the second one just let me know.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cute Quilt for a Cute Baby

Today I am making such a fun quilt. I love the colors and fabrics. I saw a similar quilt at the festival of trees and I am trying to copy it. Lets hope I can get all this cutting done so I can start sewing soon.

The backing fabric is my favorite.

I can't wait for the little one that will be wrapped up in this cute quilt.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trying To Be Crafty

Lately I have been trying to be crafty. I love to imagine and create new things. I hope with this blog I can keep track and remeber all the fun things I create.