Monday, July 12, 2010

Quilt Along

I can't stop thinking about it so I guess I'll blog about it!

I'm so excited to start this quilt along. I've been reading a blog that is doing a quilt along and it looks like so much fun to get a group together and become connected through quilting.

The quilt below is the quilt I have picked for our Quilt Along. Its a fairly simple quilt. Easy enough for a first quilt but still will give you a little bit of a challenge, which is always a good thing. A little challenge will only teach you more.

The finished quilt will be 55 1/2'' x 65''. I think it is the perfect size for just relaxing on the couch or tucking a little one into bed with.

Now for buying the fabric. For this quilt you will need...

3/8 yard of 8 different fabrics (this is for the center of the quilt, have fun with this part and make sure you get matching fabrics that you love)

3/8 yard for border #1 (I just bought one of the same fabrics that is in the center of my quilt. I suggest you buy a fabric with a small print for this border.)

1-2/3 yards for border #3 (I again bought one of the same fabrics that is in the center of my quilt but if you can find another fabric to match you might like the different pattern. This might be a fun border to try something with a bigger print but really it doesn't matter.)

1/2 yard for binding (I haven't bought mine yet but this should too have a small print on it.)

3-3/4 yards for backing (This is also another time to try a big print. I can guarantee that you will love your quilt so much more if you do have a large print on the back. It just adds so much to the quilt.)

Note:This is a jelly roll friendly pattern, it is a lot more money that way, but if you would like to use a jelly roll leave me a comment and I'll give you those instructions.

Have fun picking out your fabrics, make sure to take your time and get fabric that you love, that way you will love to sew all the pieces together.

Check back soon for "Week 1-Cutting"!!

Happy quilting!!


  1. cant wait to start, are you going to also teach my how to use my sewing machine. I still dont get that bobber thing.

  2. I'm guessing that Kim will just end up paying you to make her quilt for her :)

  3. NO I won't do it for her. she has to learn sometime.